Currently in urban areas of the district the DCB has successfully installed 11 ATMs through facility is being provided to the ATM Card holders. ATM cards is being made available to Account Holders of all branches of the DCB. DCB ATM card holders are being offered withdrawal from any Bank's ATM at any place in the country through NFS. Currently thousands of ATM card holder of DCB as well as of other banks are using the withdrawal facility from the DCB's ATM machines. The Bank's own data center is in collaboration with the district headquarters to diagnose ATM related problems and to keep ATM operational for the DCB Customers.

The DCB ATM are installed at the following branches:

  1. Lakhimpur Main Branch
  2. Lakhimpur Evening Branch
  3. Gola Branch
  4. Mohammadi Branch
  5. Paliya Branch
  6. Phardhan
  7. Mailani
  8. Sampurna Nagar
  9. Lakhimpur Mahila
  10. Maigalganj
  11. Belrayan.